Color Schemes




Beanie:Freshwater Chicago, cut bodysuit: AA, Heels: Zara, Pants: H&M

In one of my classes, we are talking about visual presentations. We spoke of how some people find success by making certain accessories or colors a permanent part of their visual presentation. Although I had never thought of this, this past season I basically wore oxblood, black and white every other day. Who didn’t, am i right? But anyhow, it was 61 degrees f. in Chicago this past week, so here is my last ode to winter’s color oxblood!


Tengo Ombre

Ombre Fur Jacket SOmbre Fur Jacket Ombre Fur Jacket Ombre Fur JacketOmbre Faux Fur


Matte Chanel Lipstick, Ombre Jacket (Topshop), Theory Sweater Dress, Nine West Mary Janes

This faux fur jacket is seriously my favorite thing in the world. Every time I wear it I kind of, sort of feel like I rule the world. The power of clothes. NBD.

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