Is it Spring yet ?

Is it Spring yet ?

This past week Chicago has seen bitter winds, hail, below zero temperatures, black ice and I am sitting here wishing I could rock bare legs and pastels. Dream big!


Winter is here

The first snow of the season finally fell down in Chicago, which means it’s officially winter. 4pm nighttime included!
I have also been living in head to toe black for the last two weeks and I can’t even look at myself anymore. What have  I become!? I have put together some winter style inspiration to help get myself out of this style rut I find myself in.

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I dream of…

Lavender Dreams

As a student, retail worker, daughter, girlfriend, 20-year-old, I find myself on my feet all day long, running from one place to another. Comfortable outfits and shoes are vital, hold the yoga pants. So if a girl had any means, this would seriously be my favorite day-to-day outfit. Lilac, Balenciaga, Lace and Marc Jacobs? Yes, please.